Short Bead Stair Recording (PDF)



This PDF contains a worksheet for recording with the short bead stair. There are two worksheets per A4 page, with the blank beads 1-9 for colouring and boxes next to each bead bar for writing the appropriate numeral. It is part of the Mathematics curriculum area. This PDF was designed to be part of a Montessori preschool/ kindergarten educational program, but can be used in other educational settings.

The PDF contains:
  • 1 A4 page to be cut into two A5 worksheets.
Key features:
  • Clear and simple formatting;
  • Child-appropriate size.
Background information:

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If you would like to modify or customise this pack (e.g. change the font or the border colour), please send me a message! Keep in mind that this will incur extra costs and will take time to do.