Hello, and welcome to The Montessorian!

My Vision: 

“Quality Montessori materials for the Australian classroom.”

 My vision is to have materials that are consistent in quality and content, and relevant to my students’ interests and needs. When I was unable to find such materials, I made them myself.


The Materials

My materials have these key features:

  • All of the products with borders follow the traditional colour coding of the Montessori curriculum areas (for example, red for Zoology and green for Botany);
  • The font I use is Sassoon Montessori, which is commonly used in Australian Montessori circles;
  • I always use photographs of real objects in my cards, with white backgrounds to make the object the clear focus with no distraction from a complex background;
  • The sizing of each card is consistent within each pack (and sometimes across different packs, as seen in all the three part cards);
  • The images used are downloaded from the internet under the usage rights of ‘reuse with modification’;
  • Furthermore, I am happy to customise packs (e.g. change fonts, border colours, etc.) so that others can have the quality materials they are looking for.
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