Geometric Plane Figures Three Part Cards (PDF)



This PDF contains a set of three part cards for matching. It teaches the names of geometric shapes and associates them with real objects of that shape. It is part of the Geometry curriculum area. This set was designed to be part of a Montessori preschool/ kindergarten educational program, but can be used in other educational settings.

The set contains:
  • 11 control cards (with plain shape and word/ name of shape) that are 10.69cm H x 8.2cm W;
  • 11 picture cards with the image of the object that are 8.2cm H x 8.2cm W;
  • 11 name/ word cards that are 2.5cm H x 8.2cm W;
  • Instructions for printing and making the cards.
Key features:
  • Each image has been sourced from the internet with usage rights for use with modification;
  • Each image is isolated on a white background to ensure clarity and to make it easier for the child to identify the focus part;
  • The cards are the same sizes for consistency and to minimise distractions;
  • The border is colour coded for the curriculum area – blue for Geometry;
  • The font is Sassoon Montessori.
Background information:

If you wish to learn more about Montessori education, please read my blog.


If you would like to modify or customise this pack (e.g. change the font or the border colour), please send me a message! Keep in mind that this will incur extra costs and will take time to do.


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